My Elixir…….

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Today it’s august the 13th, it is raining, it is dark and it is cold. It has been raining as if there is no end,all the heavens are weeping at the same time and they are trying to drown this world into darkness. I wonder why.

My world, that had happiness, sunshine, rainbows and dreams that we dreamt of sitting for infinite hours in the lawns near the library. World that had hopes, that had promises, my happy place that I still remember.

What happened to all the promises, all the hopes…where did you go? Why did you leave me in this rain? Why dear why….as it is the 13th day of august, it is also the 13th day you have left all of us, left me in this rain, wet and cold, soul-less and memory less.
You broke your promises, see now I have no one to hold my hand, no one to walk me around, no one to remind me of my Alzheimer’s medicines, no one to take me back to my room. You promised you wouldn’t leave, with my elixir, my soul, my only chance to live but you left.
If only I remembered your face, I would have asked the heaven’s forgiveness in your name. I would have asked for your life back instead my mine, I would have asked back my elixir. I would have asked your name.
Sadly, I remember nothing of you. Only the fact, that there is a hole in my heart now, and that the gods were so jealous of my elixir, they took it away….

The only thing I remember is that today is the 13th day, 13th day of august, 13th day since I lost my elixir, 13th day that you are not here…..


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