I have always been more of a dreamer. Wondering about the delicate fibres of time and space, life on faraway galaxies, late night street lights and a train completing its journey are generally my late night companions.
There is a time in our entire day which very beautifully fits in this tiny boundary between late night and early morning, my favourite time of the day……3.30am.
3.30am, when our feelings come to the corner of our eyes as tiny tear beads, remembering a distant someone.
3.30am, when we like to sit on the balcony and enjoy the silent and peaceful view from the balcony imagining how would it be surviving in total silence.
3.30am, when we are broken, vulnerable and truthful our own favourite version, our romantic fantasies coming to fore….the time when there is no time…..
3.30am, when we run out of fucks to give…
Then there are so many infinite other feelings trapped between the heaviness of the eye and the lightness of the heart, memories and fantasies, sweet love and heartbreaks, dreams and worst fears……all of these when combined silently in the presence of moonlight and little sips of whiskey can do wonders…these are the things worth keeping you awake at night….
no wonder they say, legends never sleep…..for they try hard but they couldn’t….


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