The selfish me…

I have been awfully selfish my entire life…and believe me when I say I have been rewarded for the same.

I have been selfish when it came to sitting with my best friend in the class, I remember putting my bag for him in my next seat…..20years later, maybe I still do.

I have been very selfish with my daily prayers. I still remember being asked to pray for my healthy well being and prosperity … But I , selfishly ignored all your commands and folded my hands for you and never asked for myself. 

I remember how much ego I have, and when I fought with God for trying to take you away from me, I remember by the side of that hospital bed you were silently praying for me, from that same almighty, in whose existence I never believed in.

Well maybe I did, you didn’t know if I spent my nights crying away in that hospital chapel. I had my egos , but how could I not, after all it’s you….

For I am the most selfish person in this world…..and you my most cherished possession …

I would be happy to take a fight with your God any other day happily……but today I fold my hands in prayer……only for you….because today I am the most selfish… I think he will understand…..for he too has a mother…. 


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